Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 31: Be Creative

10:00 – 11:30 a.m.
Monday, April 2, 2012
Foundations w/ Michelle W.

Had a fantastic class today... it was a real joy to work outside of any particular sequence and explore some new postures, slowing things down, finding new ways into familiar postures, and generally having good clean, sweaty fun!

It got me thinking about the Richard Freeman video I posted yesterday where he mentions that he's excited to see how yoga is evolving with the times and becoming more syncretic in this creative age. I've been thinking creatively about my own practice lately and am looking forward to injecting my different interests, beliefs and particular brand of creative expression into my yoga teaching and class structure.

I think the spirit of the times right now is all about wildly mixing up cultures into whatever works for you.
The internet, a gigantic culture blender, has really facilitated and encouraged this — allowing the user to travel through time and space with the swipe of a finger, all of those wildly varied and previously unconnected experiences mixing and melding in the user's brain. Music, art, film and fashion — being reflections of the current culture — are full of mashups. If you subscribe to the idea that everything has been done before, perhaps the only way to create something original is to blend two seemingly disparate things into one new unique expression.

It always excites me to see something completely original (even if they wear their references or influences on their sleeves)— whether it's Die Antwoord, Nicholas Winding Refn's films, or David Lynch's new music (!) video. I don't especially enjoy this as 'music', but the pure exuberant originality of it excites the heck out of me — especially considering that most of Lynch's peers (if he ever had any) are settled into complacent creative old age. It's a great reminder that you can stay creatively relevant well into middle age, or beyond. It's the same feeling I get when I see older yoga masters continually evolving their practice and finding new ways to experience and teach yoga.

Be creative!



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